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We are always on the lookout for interesting topical articles and we stumbled across this great one titled 20 Hacks That’ll Make Your Home Cleaner And More Organized or just “20 Clever Home Hacks” for short. Original article by Emily Shwake of Buzzfeed here

The first one is cool: putting empty wrapping paper tubes to extend your vacuum cleaner’s reach. Another fun one is using salad tongs to clean your blinds. This is a great one: instead of constantly refilling your hand soap pump dispenser, stick a tube into a giant sized bottle of hand soap under the sink. Love tip #10: soak a grimy, burnt pan in water, soap and a dryer sheet for an hour. Sounds like it could work. We’ll have to try that one next time a dirty pan presents itself.

Here’s an amazing home cleaning hack: Call Worcester House Cleaning to do it for you. Total hack from every angle. A: You get it done…. HACK! B: You are not doing it… HACK! C: You get it done by professionals. Does it get any more hack than that? We think not. But seriously, while cool little tricks to help you do a task or short-cut a problem out of existence are all great, I’m reminded of what my Dad used to tell me, “there’s no short cut for elbow grease”. And of course what he meant was you have to get into the work to do it right and that is precisely what Worcester House Cleaning does. We’ve done it all and have perfected a method of doing it efficiently and effectively. Hacks notwithstanding, we put our team of hard-working Worcester Home Cleaning crew members up against the best and we’d come out on top. Yeah… that’s how good we are. And when you add home repair services to the list, well, there’s no hack to fake that!

When it comes to the Do’s and Dont’s of Keeping a Clean Carpet, we’ve got the know how and we’ve got crew down. And there’s always the Benefits of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned to consider. It’s a little like getting a new car. Everything is all clean and dust-free… everything smells great… all the appliances are shiny. The carpets looked like they’ve never been walked on… It’s got that “new house feel” similar to the “new car smell” we’ve all experienced. Hack that Worcester home cleaning fans!

Then when you’re done with all the hacks and hacking, just give us a call to get the good stuff: professional results with personal service. Call today: 508-756-2015. Or contact us online here, or if you just want to send us a simple email, click worcesterhousecleaning@gmail.com.

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