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Looking for answers to common house or residential cleaning questions? Use the search feature to easily find answers to all your questions. If there is a question, please be sure to ask your question in the form and we will be back to you soon with the answers. — Worcester House Cleaning

  • Q: How do you determine your rates for residential cleaning?
    A: The cost to clean your home is based on the amount of time we spend cleaning. Rates for ongoing home cleaning services or (initial cleaning, one-time cleaning, move-in/move out and construction clean-up) is $40 per hour, per team member + a $40 supply charge. For example, if you had us clean for 3 Hours + $40 Supply charge, the total cost would be $160.00. If you give us a call, however, we can give you an idea of how long your cleaning may take.
  • Q: Are you bonded and insured?
    A: Yes, we are fully bonded in Massachusetts.
  • Q: How do I pay for services?
    A: Payment is due at completion of services for home cleaning and home repairs. The Team leader will provide you with an invoice. We accept cash or a personal check. You can also make a payment by calling me at 1-508-7six9-38six6 with your credit card info to pay with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • Q: Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?
    A: Yes, we do! Your business is important to us and we want to make sure you are happy and completely satisfied. If the quality of work performed and paid for, is not satisfactory, contact us within 24 hours and we will make arrangements to rectify the situation. If you believe we did an outstanding job please write a review for us on Facebook or Google so others can see what our service has to offer.
  • Q: Who will clean my home?
    A: A team of one to four cleaning professionals will clean your home. One of the team members will be a team leader, who, in addition to assisting with the cleaning, will guide the team and perform an inspection at the end of the visit.
  • Q: Do team members speak English?
    A: We are a non-discriminating employer and have a diverse, multi-cultural staff. Good communication is important to us. Thus, we ask our clients to contact us to relay any notes or requests. We will add this information to the work orders for the team.

  • All our teams are in touch with the office via cell phone throughout the work day. We can easily call a team to relay a message for you even while they are working in your home. Just let us know.

  • Q: How do you determine your handyman and home repair rates?
    A: The cost to do a home repair is based on the amount of time we spend doing the actual project, including pickup and delivery if requested. If you give us a call, however, we can give you an idea of how long your task may take. Rates for handyman or home repair services, including pickup and delivery is $70. per hour, per team member& (with a two hour minimum) + the material cost if we provide it. For example, if you had us do a project for 3 hours the total cost would be $210. + the material cost. A handyman team is generally comprised of one to two handymen depending on the size of the project.
  • Q: Yes we do offer office cleaning. Can I get an estimate for service over the phone for office cleaning?
    A: Sometimes, but to ensure accurate pricing, we need to visit your facility before providing an estimate for any service. The site visit and the estimate are free. Contact the office (via phone or e-mail) and set up a time to have a representative from Worcester House Cleaning visit your facility and provide an estimate for service.

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