Meet Worcester House Cleaning's expert cleaning professionals. Each and every one of us always is there to serve your home with a smile!

Marguerite - Owner

Marguerite lives and breathes cleaning. With over 30 years in the commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and residential cleaning business; she is known as a cleaning expert in Worcester County. If it is dirty, she knows how to get it clean! Her hands on approach with staff and clients leaves everyone happy with the services they receive.

Cris - Cleaning Professional

Cris has enjoyed cleaning homes for over 15 years. Her cleaning specialty is cleaning apartments, single family homes and office buildings. She is always happy to help out where ever she is needed.

Roberta - Cleaning Professional

Roberta loves to clean! She enjoys house cleaning and residential cleaning and looks forward to meeting you and making your house nice and clean.

Edy - Team Leader

Edy really enjoys all types of cleaning. He does an excellent job managing our staff of easy going house cleaners. He has been in the house cleaning industry for over 20 years and lives in Worcester with his family.

Bill - Handyman

Bill Ross-our “Resident Handyman and Home-Repair Service Person”, is an honorably discharged veteran who served his country from 1984-1988. We are glad he joined our team as he offers his outstanding handy man services and home repair services and thank him for his service to our country.

Luzia - Team Manager

Luzia’s specialty is managing our staff of happy cleaning specialists. She has been in the cleaning industry for over 15 years. She is always willing to lend a hand where ever is needed.

Maria - Team Member

Hi my name is Maria, a cleaning specialist who lives in Shrewsbury, Ma. I’ve been cleaning homes for a little over 6 years, am married and have two children. I enjoy cleaning homes and look forward to meeting you and helping to make your house shine.