Worcester Office Cleaning 101

You'll want to gather all of the necessary cleaning chemicals, equipment and accessories for the job. Load up your janitorial cart with supplies and chemicals and head towards the cleaning area. If any mopping or extensive cleaning is to be done, you’ll need to put up "closed for cleaning" signs and the correct caution/wet floor signs.The following steps are based on the assumption that someone will.

Daily Cleaning Procedures
Visually check the area for any types of debris or paper. Pick these items up and dispose of them properly. Vacuum up any dirt or debris that can’t be removed by hand. Using a backpack vacuum is a great way to quickly and efficiently vacuum up around office cubicles. Be careful to not disturb any paperwork or important items, leave things as you found them, only much cleaner!

If there are any spots or stains on the carpets, floors, walls, furniture or baseboards immediately wipe those up. For carpet or upholstery stains, identifying the type of stain by using this stain removal instructions guide. Then follow up with a portable spotter like our carpet spotter stain removing machine to remove the stain and chemical.

Office and Commercial Cleaning
Commercial cleaning supplies may be good in some situations, but they aren’t always the best option. Cleaning supplies have been known to bother some people’s allergies, causing more problems than they are worth. Instead there are a few other household cleaners that can be just as effective, cost less, and potentially get the job done better. The last three listed are used by janitors to get the job done in sticky situations with little supplies left:

This is obviously a lot of work but in all cases it’s best for your business, your employees, and your sanity to just hire a reputable, bonded company. Outsourcing your commercial cleaning services is safer, more reliable and you have the safety of being bonded. That is unless you want to do all this yourself…

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