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Worcester House Cleaning & Disinfecting - The Home People

What makes a conscientious group of cleaners come in and do the right thing? An awareness that any job done is best done well. And boy do we take that credo to heart. We turn a house into a home! That's right. When every aspect of a house is "in synch" and things are in their place... the bathrooms and kitchens are sparkling... the whole place smells great... and it's exactly right then that you realize... "wait a minute... something is different..." Exactly. You have crossed over from house to home! But these days, there's another layer altogether... the "disinfect" layer of clean. Read on...

COVID Awareness
Cleaning of all types—in all variety of spaces—now requires a new level of cleaning attention. We're talking about COVID Awareness. What was once us just doing a great job so it looks and smells clean and tidy, now includes disinfecting. Disinfecting such that it truly IS clean, tidy, and SAFE.

What special area of expertise separates us from the rest of the house cleaning providers you ask? Well, in addition to over 30 years in the home and residential cleaning business, we've seen it all and know how to handle it all. We're talking about safety and protection. Protection from the killer COVID virus.

NOT being clean is now more than matter of taste, it can be a matter of life and death. And depending on how many people come in and out of your "stay at home, sealed environment", that means extra cleaning and disinfecting. That means being tuned in and aware of things like:


Cleaning is serious busy—and getting more serious every day. You can no longer fluff it off as a "luxury". Clean MUST be clean and disinfected. Leave the worry to us. Let the experts in the cleaning field take the needed precautions so you can feel fully safe in your house... er... your home. Request your free estimate today: (508) 756-2015.

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