What to DO and NOT to do in a COVID Back to the Workplace Directive

Massachusetts residents are anxious to return to "normal" as best they can amidst talk of phasing the stranded workforce back into their jobs to re-ignite the economy and pre-empt a freefall. Considering economic needs with guidelines for safety so that everyone is prepared for a safe return to their offices, warehouses, retail establishments, food service, etc. seems the smartest compromise for all. People returning to work must be "virus aware" so that they know what to do—and equally as important, what NOT to do in a COVID back to the workplace directive.

Your employer is providing a high emphasis on keeping your environment germ free by hiring us to help stop the spread of the novel Corona virus, Covid-19. The most worrisome part is the invisibility of this foe. It is critical that the proper cleaning steps and procedures be enforced so that any possible viral contamination be stopped before it has chance to cause any harm. The good people of Massachusetts deserve the best protection available and we're proud and ready to be part of the solution.

Our cleaning teams are hard-working folks who want to get back to work themselves. Dedicated employees too who have been trained in the proper cleaning methods. Family people who are doing their part to help the community get back on its feet.

With our teams of cleaners putting themselves out there "on the front lines" so to speak, we want folks to know we truly care about their well-being as much as we do for our close friends and family. We are doing what needs to be done to help the community bounce back.

In our ongoing effort to do things the right way—given the new virus awareness paradigm—we have phased out the trusty spray bottle cleaner delivery method. Proper COVID cleaning procedures specify the reduction of spray of any kind so as not to spread the unseen viral entities. So say goodbye to the spray bottle folks!

Our methods are simple themselves, but our cleaning techniques are honed to a safety sense in that we are dealing with an invisible enemy and as such have to think completely differently when cleaning. We ALSO think disinfect. After awhile, the unseen becomes "seen" in a curious way. Such that we really, REALLY know exactly what areas of a room we've "already hit". And THAT is what makes us the best at what we do here—especially with a COVID back to the workplace directive.

We don't wait until the last minute to use the top shelf cleaning product. We use it ALL THE TIME! Since 1997 to be exact. So we are—and always have been—ready to fight dirt, germs and viruses—seen or unseen! That's why in a Covid-19 virus awareness world, our cleaning teams use a highly efficient product called Re-Juv-Nal®. It's EPA approved and highly recommended, as reliable as it is efficient, and with a light floral scent. It's the best product out there.

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Images capturing our cleaning and disinfecting experts hard at work sanitizing a laundry processing plant.

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