Worcester Handyman Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom is a bathroom is a bathroom, right?

I mean, it’s got a purpose and so long as it’s clean, it’s doing it’s job. Sure there’s always an aesthetic to the design and function, but it’s still pretty much cut and dried. Or is it?

There’s always that one exception though. Those amazing bathrooms in swanky hotels for example. You feel like you’ve entered a mummy’s tomb. Or some ancient Roman bathhouse. Or the opulent bathrooms in what I like to call the "mini mansions" where you could rent it out as a studio apartment! We’re talking serious, over-the-top stuff like you might see in Hollywood movies with showers with 17 shower heads from every direction. But those do sort of, maybe wet the appetite … Ahhhh. who’s kidding who here? You LOVE those tweaked out bathrooms—and so do I. I admit it. But how can you get a taste of that on a regular person’s income? We can guide you to some Worcester Handyman Bathroom Remodel options.

First off, bathroom remodeling can be done all year round unlike many other home improvements. Something as simple as giving it a fresh cost of paint for a new look. Even think about a 2-color option to really give it an edge. We can change out the toilet. After all, that is the centerpiece of the room! Or update the vanity cabinet for a new look with a better mirror; more interior space; and built-in USB ports—for example.

Or maybe you’re a sink person. Maybe that’s the thing that’s really got you bugged right now. Say no more! We get it.

The point is, no matter if the bathtub, or the doors, windows and trim—whatever it is that needs a good "do-over", we can handle it knowing all the while YOU’RE THE BOSS. That’s is to say we listen to and address your needs every step of the way.

Perhaps flooring is the first thing on your bathroom remodel list? Always nice to update the flooring to tiles, laminate, hardwood... etc. we’ve got tons of ideas and plenty of experience to make them happen.

We also install drywall. It’s the first step in adding some finishing to a room and we have the know-how and experience to make the most out of it. We love to do small and big repairs or honey do lists.

Seasonally speaking, we can install exterior siding in the warmer, summer months, May-Sept. Roofing on single story homes only in the summertime May-Sept.

So that about covers your bathroom remodel options in a short format like this. To really get down to business we’re happy to consult with you to figure the best way to get you OUT of the mindset that says bathrooms must be boring and functional and help you live a little!

Call for an appointment to talk more about it: 508-756-2015, or complete our short form here and we be in touch promptly to start the process.

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