Worcester Handyman AC Install

Here comes the heat… here comes the heat… here comes the heat… And really, do you want to be one of those people in line at the Home center asking how long it will take them to schedule an install on one of those home air conditioning units? You know… the ones that fit inside a regular window? No. You do not. Here’s the "hot" solution (pun intended!) Call us: Worcester House Cleaners. Because we have a super handyman service that can pop that AC unit into the window of your choice in no time. And we can do it pronto.

Yes. We’ve heard it before: "Aren’t you the super cleaning company that everyone talks about?" Yes. We are that company, but we’ve found out a long time ago that folks also need a variety of home-related services and it often comes down to trust. How do you know who to call? Call the Worcester Handyman AC install experts you already know and trust. Call the company with the most respected reputation in town—who just happen to also offer top-rated handyman services like, well… installing an AC unit for example! We mention AC install again because it’s a thing that folks rarely think about. Sure, you can get a great deal on a top-quality AC unit at the local home store that fits nicely into a regular window–and a lot of places will even include delivery. But then what? Who can lift such a thing and balance it in a window, and then get it to stay there? You’ve seen it in a bunch of movies and the gag goes way back to the Three Stooges! AC Unit is teetering… it eventually strays earthward and nearly misses the baby carriage! But seriously, our handyman experts know the tricks to installing an AC unit properly and securely, but that’s not all. He’s also handy for so many more typical home-related tasks like electrical fixes; carpentry and finishing jobs, plumbing tricks & fixes, garage door issues and so much more.

Every one knows that a proper preforming air conditioning unit depends largely on clean filters and ducts, etc. As a popular Worcester professional cleaning outfit, we routinely do this type of cleaning for our customers. It’s the type of cleaning task that you don’t really notice except when it’s not done! Folks expect their AC units to work properly every time. And when the Worcester Handyman AC Install pros like us do the installation, you can bet that it will be done right. Follow that with Worcester House Cleaners on the job, and that’s how it goes. Beecause if it doesn’t, we’ve got the handyman ready to go!

We will also help "winterize" or "summer-ize" your home in terms of storms windows installed removed, maintained, etc. Our handyman is the most versailte "pro" on our team.

And remember, while we clean those AC units and keep them running in tip-top clean mode, we can also offer a helping hand when it comes to installation of these units. Just give us a call. Worcester Handyman AC Install is a magic trick/balancing act we have down. 508-756-2015.

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