Safety First: Shrewsbury COVID House Cleaning

House cleaning. No one's "goto" activity for sure, but here’s the thing to remember: you like it when it’s clean!

That was easy. But these days it’s a little tougher. One’s home is one’s sanctuary. It’s where no one can overrule you. You are the Queen! What the Queen says goes. No one—and no thing—comes or goes, in or out, without specific authorization from the Queen. That is, nothing VISIBLE. This is the gotcha’ here. The pandemic has everything in full-tilt mode so that regular Shrewsbury house cleaning becomes Shrewsbury COVID House Cleaning.

Typical dirt requires typical cleaning. Someting we are indeed quite good at. However, unseen denizens of the germ underworld have plotted to invade… Wait... WHAT?? Otherwise known as… COVID-19.

The sanctuary of your home has been challenged. What was once ruled by an iron fist is now compromised. That means EVERYONE coming into your home/castle could be a Trojan horse. You know… a visitor with an "uninvited plus one". Yup. The stupid virus!! Yeah… we’re sick of hearing about it too, but better to be sick OF IT than SICK FROM IT. So if you've had some people over, it's time to take a breath and make the Shrewsbury COVID house cleaning call to get the safety factor back into the comfort zone.

The Queen has decreed: Time to call the imperial guard… the imperial cleaning crew that is. Imperial experts at the removal of standard dirt, dust and grime—and trained in the best practices of mitigating the nasty Corona virus with only the very best cleaning agent we’ve used with great success for years: Re-Juv-Nal® administered with great care and efficiency.

So get back to normal as much as you can by calling us to bring the castle back under control of the Queen. And, oh... that would be YOU! Call for Shrewsbury COVID house cleaning now: (508) 756-2015.

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