Grafton House Cleaning And The King's Castle

You know how they say a man's home is his castle?

First of all, it’s pretty sexist, but aside from that, have you ever looked into what living in an actual medieval castle was like? From what I gather, it was no picnic. Not only was there no indoor plumbing and very, very few actual "toilet rooms", that as a result people would often "do their duty" right there wherever they were.

Say what?


Wait, run that by me again…

OK: people would take a squat; dump a load; paint their name on the wall—whatever they did then—I don’t know—but history tells us sanitation was, well, what it was and castles pretty much STANK because designated poop & peep areas were, well, anywhere!!

Yes. I found that a little tough to grasp and it certainly did put a cloud over my personal castle imaginations too.

So yeah. A man’s home is his stinky castle!! Not so appealing anymore, eh? Certainly NOT how things are done in the world of Grafton House Cleaning!

Now, the king, well he had it good. For starters, he had his own, shall we say, "royal wiper". Yup. And history tells us with this being such a nasty job, that this person, this "royal subject" was "appreciated" in a special way. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.

BUT WAIT... we are getting waaaay off track here. What about Grafton House Cleaning? Isn't that what this is all about? Yes. We're getting to that. So that was then—this is now. Now, with a little thing called a phone, you can call the future of "clean & disinfect" and we’ll be there in no time flat. And WE WILL conjure up the "best castle scenario" from your best memories and clean your world like only royalty would expect.

We do the cleaning fit for a king! We dust and mop and clean, tidy and disinfect. All with great care such that we would be awarded a Knighthood in cleanliness! And YES... we perform the best Grafton House Cleaning in all of the land!

But what we can’t do is make you unread all the terrible truths about actual castle living. Sorry about that!

Call now for the future of clean and disinfect while the castle dwellers beware!! Call: (508) 756-2015.

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