Fruit Flies: Why God?

Insect Removal Worcester

Fruit Flies. Why God? Well… I guess you have your reasons. But we humans are not happy with this particular insect when they try to enter our homes—especially when we have no fruit!

Don’t take this the wrong way God, we completely LOVE everything you’ve given us. The oceans: great. The forests: amazing. The animals: outstanding (even the fruit flies!), and yes… it’s probably our fault they found their way into our home. And really, calling an “exterminator” or a “pest control” outfit is like using a bullhorn to whisper in someone’s ear! It’s just overkill. Yes… they’re already dead! We just need the most reliable insect removal Worcester calls when the need arises. Can you say “infestation”?

That of course, would be us: Worcester House Cleaners. In fact, we have some pics of a recent fruit fly “graveyard” we had to remove. just another of the many tasks we are asked to complete. And when the insect removal Worcester pros come to your home, we take all the dead insects with us!

Have a look at this recent “attempted fruit fly homestead” we ran out of town!



So when you have to say “YUCK! Fruit Flies Everywhere!” know that the insect removal Worcester specialists are but a phone call away. And remember: We do the cleanup and we don’t try to sell you “protection” like an exterminator might do… or might “frighten you” with tales of all sorts of diseases… FORGET IT! You just need a good, solid cleaning crew who can get your place back to normal. That’s us! Call now: (508) 756 2015.

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