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Quick… What does the acronym VCT stand for?

How about Variable Cam Timing? No. Virtual Classroom Training? Nope. Voltage Control Transfer… ummm… wrong again, OK… forget it. It stands for vinyl composite tile. Gotcha!

If you are in the cleaning or construction industry, you would know that, well… maybe not. BUT… the point here is this: When you have the need for the best, most thorough commercial floor cleaning Worcester has ever known, we are the people to call.

For example, here is job profile post that deals with just such a recent vinyl composite tile, commercial floor cleaning job we successfully completed.

The same process is used to bring the supermarket quality shine back to the floors in both commercial and residential settings.

Follow these steps and you too will be among the few commercial floor cleaning Worcester pros!

  1. We start by prepping the floor getting everything off it and vacuuming it.
  2. Next up we slop up the floor with a strong stripper solution.
  3. Machine scrub it with a very aggressive black gorilla pad. Taking special care to clean all the door jambs edges, baseboard edges and hard-to-reach corners and edges. It’s all in the prep.
  4. 2nd to last step of the floor prep: and in our opinion—the most important step, use a wet dry vac to suck up the stripper slop. A lot of folks think it’s okay to use a mop to pick up the stripper slop, but the mop is not a magnet, it will not pick up as well as a wet dry vac.

These are priceless gems of experience we’re passing along here, so don’t go telling everyone what allows us to the deliver best commercial floor cleaning Worcester businesses have ever seen!

Very last step, mop floor with a nutra rinse to return the ph of flooring back to a neutral pH.

Once dry now you’re ready to add 4 coats of finish each coat thinly applied. Drying well between each coat. After the 2nd coat dries, you’ll start to see the reflection of shine as the wax/finish layers add up. By the 4th coat you will have a beautiful supper market quality shine.

Give it 6-8hours to dry then you can put the furniture back on it.

The pictures will show a super job done right: 1st what it looked like-dark black circles and chairs scuff marks when it’s really dirty in the after pics below, then it will be dull after it’s been stripped, then what it looks like after the 4 coats of wax has been applied, just as you see in the header image of this post.

Before, Fully Cleaned, After fully waxed.

So there you have it. A step-by-step rundown of how we got the be the expert commercial floor cleaning Worcester calls on most. Join the crowd. Give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE and the best service you ever had! (508) 756-2015. Ask for Marguerite.

See the icky before pics…

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