Holden Homes Need COVID-19 Clean and Disinfect for Optimum Living

🕙 - Sept 19, 2020    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

It's where the heart is. Home sweet home. It's that feeling you get when you return from vacation. Yeah… it was fun, but there's no place like home. That is… unless your home is NOT so sweet due to this insidious virus that seems to control everything lately. Don't you just wish everything was normal again...

Safety First: Shrewsbury COVID House Cleaning

🕙 - Aug 25, 2020    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

House cleaning. No one's "goto" activity for sure, but here’s the thing to remember: you like it when it’s clean! That was easy. But these days it’s a little tougher. One’s home is one’s sanctuary. It’s where no one can overrule you. You are the Queen! What the Queen says goes..…

More Than a Light Wipe and Move On... Much More for Worcester, Ma Home Disinfecting

🕙 - July 16, 2020    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

At Worcester House Cleaning, we have over 30 years in the home and residential cleaning business, so when you factor in the EMERGENCY NEED for COVID-19 clean, we take that request in stride.…