Safety First: Shrewsbury COVID House Cleaning

🕙 - Aug 25, 2020    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

House cleaning. No one's "goto" activity for sure, but here’s the thing to remember: you like it when it’s clean! That was easy. But these days it’s a little tougher. One’s home is one’s sanctuary. It’s where no one can overrule you. You are the Queen! What the Queen says goes..…

More Than a Light Wipe and Move On... Much More for Worcester, Ma Home Disinfecting

🕙 - July 16, 2020    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

At Worcester House Cleaning, we have over 30 years in the home and residential cleaning business, so when you factor in the EMERGENCY NEED for COVID-19 clean, we take that request in stride.…

Worcester House Cleaning & Disinfecting - We're The "Home People" Delivering Clean and SAFE

🕙 - June 30, 2020    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

What makes a conscientious group of cleaners come in and do the right thing? An awareness that any job done is best done well. And boy do we take that credo to heart…