Landlords and Keeping Things Clean in Shrewsbury

🕙 - June 14, 2021    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

Landlords. They get all the breaks, right? Some folks love ‘em and others not so much. But we all respect them. It’s not an easy job and when things get busy, it’s only natural to expect some, well, slobs...

Paxton House Cleaning And A Dirt Disaster

🕙 - May 3, 2021    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

Sometimes a place we are called upon to clean is SUCH a disaster, you wouldn’t believe it. The dirt situation here is very built up as you can see, when the picture of it is viewed. So, in true disaster cleaning fashion, we will leave it up to your imagination...

COVID And Peace Of Mind in Worcester County

🕙 - April 12, 2021    👤 Worcester House Cleaning

While 'COVID' and 'Peace Of Mind' don't normally go together we do the super-duper cleanup task that allows folks to feel safe and comfortable knowing that the area on which they are locked down—or just visiting, has been cleaned AND disinfected