We're Not Like Doctors... We're West Boylston House Cleaning Experts

We're not like Doctors. We're not like plumbers either. Not that we have anything against plumbers or doctors, but just that while they provide services as we do, they have so very many hurdles which we've become accustomed to just accepting. Things like paying DOUBLE for a plumber if it's an emergency or on a weekend. Probably because they are the only service who has us over a barrel like that! Or WAITING for the doctor—even though you have an appointment.

Or worse yet, now we're supposed to tell the doctor what we need. That is if we listen to the plethora of TV commercials about the many "wonder drugs" out there. You know that phrase: "Ask you Doctor about (fill in drug name here)..." Actually, we are a LITTLE like doctors in that sense. When we come in to do a West Boylston house cleaning, we do exactly what YOU what you want done—and we take pride in nailing it every time.

Don't get us wrong.... we love doctors an plumbers, and all the rest of the service business folks, but people sometimes think where would we be without doctors, or plumbers for that matter! But rarely do you hear someone sitting around thanking the cleaning business for being there. But that's OK. We know we're not at the top of "prestige mountain" when it comes to professions, but we are needed just as much as doctors and plumbers. (You can't call a doctor or a plumber for West Boylston house cleaning!) And skills? Yeah.... we got 'em. Not from USC or NYU, but from the school of hard knocks and dirty socks. We got our stripes the heard way: we earned 'em!

And waiting? Who likes waiting?? NOT US! Once again, we have the doctors and plumbers BEAT on this one because we do our very best to help you out as soon as our next availability, sometimes on the same day, just a phone call away—and an online free estimate form. Beat that plumbers/doctors! And guess what? It costs the same for super fast service! And guess what else? We do great work each and every time at each and every location. And we go all over the place. From living room cleaning on Westborough, to dirty homes to clean in Shrewsbury. If we're not already at another job, we start out at our location: at 139 Lake Ave. Suite H, Worcester, MA 01604, and we high tail it on over to your home, or office. It's kind of like an instant maid service! So while you're waiting for the plumber or sitting in the doctor's "waiting room" (they even have a special room for it! Pretty much saying YOU are going to WAIT!!) we're out there serving dirt, grime, and grease their last rights! So we're kind of like morticians in that sense...

In the final analysis, we're a service business unto ourselves. We are similar to many services, but unlike any of them because there is no way for us to have built a reputation like we have in any other way than by doing great work. By being the West Boylston house cleaning outfit that most locals call first. Face it: you can't hide a bad cleaning job! That's why when we leave, we make 100% certain there's a shine on every counter, a sparkle on every sink, and the smell of clean that brings a smile to your face. So we're kind of like dentists in that sense!

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