Landlords and Keeping Things Clean in Shrewsbury

Landlords. They get all the breaks, right? Some folks love ‘em and others not so much.

But we all respect them. It’s not an easy job and when things get busy, it’s only natural to expect some, well, slobs. There. We said it. Yes, there are slobs in Shrewsbury... don't be alarmed. Our mission is to redeem them!

That’s right. Slobs. There is no other proper word for it. Yeah... we understand. But before we put everyone down, let's take a closer look... Whenever you move it’s ALWAYS a lot more work than you thought, and there’s ALWAYS something left behind, or some junk that had a planned destination to the dump, but the tenant couldn’t quite make it happen—despite the most well-laid plans. Hey... that’s just how it goes. You're not really a slob!

They didn’t MEAN to be a slob, but the situation got the best of them. Best solution? Call us.

Call us to make that apartment rentable in no time flat. We work with landlords all the time and we get it. We get the urgency and we’re more than happy to oblige. We know how to get in, get clean to happen, and then slip out. No one is the wiser... except the dirt and grime we vanquish!

After all, a landlord can be many things, and one of them is a friend. And to keep that friendly relationship, it pays to be a clean tenant. And it’s a win/win. You have a great relationship with your landlord, AND you have a clean place to enjoy! That's just how folks get their house cleaning done to keep things clean in Shrewsbury.

And keeping things clean is a good habit to get into anyway. Once you get to the point where it’s an automatic routine, it’s just... clean!! Clean in Shrewsbury, and anywhere else for that matter. Does it seem like sometimes the dirt just sneaks up on you? That happens. The solution? CALL US!

It’s not always possible to be the perfect tenant, and landlords understand this. We’ve found they are a fair bunch of people who get dumped on once in a while by a slob of a tenant—or just a circumstance that makes someone look like a slob—even though they're probably not!

We say, landlords: don’t sweat it. You can be the hero to all your tenants. Just keep our number handy and we’ll be there in a jiffy to make that mess literally disappear.

And we won’t let anyone know you had us do the dirty work. We’ll let you be the Shrewsbury landlord cleaning hero!

To be a hero on your cell phone, click here to send us a text outlining what you’d like cleaned, or if you are using a desktop, laptop or tablet, if that works best for you. And if you’d rather call us during regular business hours and speak with an actual person (!), we like doing business that way too: (508) 756-2015. Ask for Marguerite.