If This Mop Could Talk About House Cleaning Services Holden Ma

As we leave each of our clients each day, it’s always a good feeling of a job well done. Being a top House Cleaning Services Holden Ma homes and businesses rely on brings with a certain amount of not just responsibility—but the feeling that folks are counting on us and we can't let them down. But the other day it was different.

On the way out of the first stop of the day, I thought, we did such a good job in there, if only the mop could attest, it would say,

“Today I really went places mops don’t usually go…”

Or if the vacuum cleaner could talk, it would’ve added,

“Whew. I’ve never been pulled back and forth with such gusto, such intent. I was really worked over there… and I liked it!"

And how about the sponge. If it could only say how much dirt it dislocated… how much shine it left behind... how much House Cleaning Services Holden Ma expertise was put to good use… wait… I think it wants to speak for itself,

“I am but a lowly sponge, but I tell you, never in my life have I ever been so man-handled, or woman-handled—I don’t know what it was—but I tell you it was glorious. To be on the spanking end of dirt, germs, grease and grime, I tell ya’, it was a day I won’t soon forget. And I’m just a dumb sponge who can talk.”

Wow. Have you ever heard of such loose talk? It’s like they’re on some sort of hopped up diet of enhanced cleaning fluids or something...

Anyway, back to planet earth where sponges and mops are NOT offering you their opinions on our work ethic, BUT IF THEY DID… these are indeed the things they would say about our House Cleaning Services Holden Ma skills we are so ready to share.

If you think your home or business is ready to be complicit in what might be the cleanest clean you ever seen… if you think you’re ready for the cleaning tools that tell the tale, then give us a call. And if you happen to catch them saying this or that, don’t worry. We'll tell no one at all you heard the mop talking.

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