At Worcester House Cleaning, we have taken home cleaning to a whole new level!

What separates us from the rest of the house cleaning providers you ask? Over 30 years in the home and residential cleaning business tells me a light wipe won’t cut it!  We deep clean each and every time, when you’re a client of ours you’re always at your best!

House cleaning in Worcester, MA (or anywhere!) is more than a light wipe and move on. Our clients homes get cleaned thoroughly each and every time to whatever level of clean required or to your desire. Our crew can tailor their services to fit a variety of circumstances. You can hire us to clean your home one time, once per week, twice per month or whatever works for you.

We also offer many types of house cleaning services and residential cleaning services such as;

  • Moving In/Out Cleaning,
  • Renovation Cleanups
  • Post Construction Cleanups
  • Organizing your house for sale
  • After-Party Cleanups
  • Infection Control Cleaning
  • Attic Cleanup
  • Fraternity House Cleanups
  • Post Cleanup for New Roof Installation
  • Disabled/Mental Illness/Addiction Clean Ups

Leave the extreme house cleanup duties to our cleaning staff at Worcester House Cleaning. Request your free estimate today!


Worcester House Cleaning can handle a wide range of house cleaning services, including but not limited to:

  • Wall Washing
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Window Washing
  • Pet Cleanup
  • Wildlife Damage Cleanup
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup
  • Contaminated Furniture
  • Garage Cleanup
  • Heavily Soiled Properties
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Estate Cleaning
  • Neglect of House by Elderly/Disabled
  • Flood/Backup Drain Cleanup
  • Pest Control Cleanup
  • Derelict Property Cleaning
  • Intense Filth Removal

No job is too small; we are the professionals that clean it all!


Your Mess is Our Mission

Cleaning is serious busy, and we are experts in the field. Request your free estimate today!

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